Thursday, November 03, 2022

Why Union Station?

Why did the Biden handlers book him for Union Station? It's filthy, with closed up businesses that failed due to government imposed lockdowns, surrounded by tents of homeless people (who were removed for this event). Surely he's not trying to smear Republicans again with his failures? He tries to kick the faithful in the butt with these stories about how wild eyed MAGA supporters are taking over the nation. Sure. 

In the colleges? Nope. 
In the entertainment industry? Never. 
The legacy news factories like WaPo and NYT? Guess again.
How about Big Tech? They can't even get a janitor's job. 
Maybe the deep swamp, like loyal FBI agents to go after parents or pro-lifers? Hardly. 
Oh, I know--in the public libraries--where only Democrats get hired? 
Did he tell that old story about how his son died in Iraq--or maybe it was the Ukraine?

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