Monday, November 21, 2022

Words are violence, unless spoken by Democrats and the Left

When a homeless, Canadian alien who crossed our porous southern border, hits Nancy Pelosi's husband in the head with a hammer even after Pelosi answered his door and let the police in, the Democrats blame Republicans, Trump supporters and even Donald Trump! Not a word from Democrats that San Francisco, a sanctuary city, has become a cesspool under her watch, or a peep about no care for the mentally ill, or the fact the home was being "guarded" by Capitol police which Mrs. Pelosi oversees.

Democrats denied that Rand Paul when attacked in his own yard was in danger, and laughed at his pain and suffering--especially Pelosi's daughter, who said "His neighbor was right." He could have died and he had lung surgery. Yet the attacker Rene Boucher got a misdemeanor charge and the Pelosi attacker is being charged with attempted kidnapping of a Congress person or something ridiculous plus other serious charges because the victim was a Pelosi and a Democrat.

When a mentally ill man Jared Loughner shot Arizona's senator Gabby Giffords 15 years ago Democrats, of course, blamed Sarah Palin because there was a "target" in one of her political ads and that was enough to make her the attacker. Washington Post even claimed she was at fault--and later had to walk back that story and say there was no connection "established." Nice work, WaPoop.
Now there's been a mass shooting at a gay nightclub, and I've heard (although I haven't researched it--could be Twitter gossip) some are again blaming Trump and people who voted for him for a "hate crime." Democrats, who make violent disgusting public statements like insurrection or more serious than the Civil War, seem to believe their words don't matter. Do they think no gay people voted for Trump? That there are no gay Republicans? Do they own gay voters?

About 18 years ago there was a nightclub in Columbus that was the scene of a shooting, where 4 men plus the perp were killed (police shot him). Heavy metal music, some sort of band feud. The shooter had a history of mental problems with a military discharge and had wanted to be in the band. As near as I can tell from the photos, all the men including the policeman were white. No one called it a "hate crime." Same crime, with some diversity and inclusion, and it would be a hate crime.

I'm guessing from watching many crime shows, the 4 white college kids murdered in Idaho were killed by a white male who knew them, or at least one of them. If he's ever voted for a Republican, the Democrats will probably say Trump did it.

When 5 black college football players at University of Virginia were shot (3 died) by a black former player last week, where were the Democrats calling out all black football players as violent and racist? The shooter had a weapons violation and got a slap on the wrist for a hit and run. Where were the Democrats demanding tougher sentences for crime, because the shooter should have been in jail? As it is, because all were black, Dems have nothing to say.
Democrats' words. If they can't get political gain from a crime (race, gender, homosexuality), they just don't care.

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