Friday, November 04, 2022

Red cap, green cap, white and blue caps

There it sits on my kitchen counter. The lid to a plastic milk container. Bright red. Sometimes it's a lid to one of our innumerable (or so it seems) pill containers from the pharmacy. A hard plastic--different from the bottle it closes. Much harder to recycle. After 2 years of saving them for a youth project at Lakeside to create durable outside benches, I still feel the pull. Recycling and reuse will not save the planet, but then, neither does wearing masks and closing playgrounds. God has plans for his creation, and we sometimes kid ourselves about "helping." That said, it's a good idea, and the benches looked really good. It's a useful way to teach us all that we can do a little bit, we can be more careful, and we can take a closer look at how we use our resources. Does your youth group need a project? (I don't know what organization Lakeside used, but there are a number like this.) If I can ever figure out who on our very large staff at UALC is in charge of projects, I'll suggest this. Meanwhile, I'll give it to you.

Which Charities Collect Plastic Bottle Tops? (

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