Thursday, November 10, 2022

The media as "influencer"

When President Trump would brag about actual, real accomplishments, the media would go insane with denials. When Joe Biden brags about a fictional win, the press swoons. If Trump had a hangnail the media would find 50 doctors to analyze his mental clarity; if Biden demonstrates confusion and fantasy, they smile and nod. Good old Joe.

So I'd call the media/press the #1 reason there was no red wave on November 8, 2022.
#2 would be the stupidity of Democrats who can't stop clinging to their party's lies about climate, sex and abortion hoping to get that old feeling of self-righteousness granny and gramps had during the Civil Rights era. They still think the party is working for them.

#3 Our youngest voters grew up being force fed lies in public school about American history--it was all about slavery and destroying Indian land and not about hard work, merit or heroism. Also, they get their current news from TikTok.
#4 The Republicans just don't know how to celebrate a win. They are winning over minorities despite all the lies and deception of the Democrats; they have won the House and may still get the Senate. The mess in Arizona has been exposed and the Secretary of State in charge of the election screwed up the primaries and the election to push the Democrats in order to win the Senate seat. It just confirms to millions that the 2020 election was too slick to be honest.

  • you need to kick out the RINOs, 
  • fund your own causes, 
  • continue to expose the corruption and killing going on among the Democrats, and 
  • start turning those blue counties purple and then red. 
  • Stop the trail of woke from college to corporation; 
  • check out those schools before you spend $70,000 to miseducate your kid. 
  • And while you're at it, make sure your church understands the first amendment. 
  • You need to turn that slogan "question authority" on its head, because now the "authority" is Uncle Joe with the Obama 2.0 agenda and a bunch of aging socialist snoops who want a one party system--the party of the government.

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