Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The hero military veteran who saved lives in the Colorado club

Guy Benson (gay conservative Fox host/podcaster) told a very moving story about the military vet who tackled and beat up the shooter at the gay nightclub. Sounds like he beat him on the head with his own gun, and grabbed a drag queen to step on him with his spike heels. Guy described him as an absolute hero. But what if he'd killed him while saving many other lives? You wonder what the media would have done about a straight military vet killing a binary shooter that uses a plural pronoun in a gay club. He was there with his family, and his daughter's boyfriend was among the dead.

Here in Columbus a policeman in 2019 saved a young black girl from another black girl Ma'Khia Bryant threatening her with a knife. The girls were in the same foster home. The policeman was accused of racism and investigated even though he saved their lives. Sports and TV "celebrities" of course sided with the attacker with sayhername postings, and photos. Just like George Floyd.

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