Friday, December 09, 2022

Balenciaga's bad decision and poor apology

Balenciaga promoting the sexual abuse of children in its ads is bad, bad, bad. That said, how low does the New York Times have to be to blow it off as just another conspiracy by prudes and right wingers? Lower than a snake's belly? Lower than all the perps in the Metoo movement? Lower than all the cancel culture idiots? You may read that NYT fish wrapper; perhaps you buy products it advertises; maybe you know someone who works there. Give it up. If this is the best the old grey lady can do, she needs to be put out for pasture. So of course it didn't report on the Hunter Biden laptop and lied about Trump for 4 years + and went along with all the crazy conspiracies cooked up by the left during the pandemic.
Here's the first line, the lead. "Two new Balenciaga campaigns ignited a firestorm that traveled from the internet to Fox News, fueled by allegations that the brand condoned child exploitation." Notice, they got Fox News in the first sentence, and used the Inflammatory line "fueled by allegations." If you even saw the photos, that's no allegation. That's a slam dunk indictment. So much so, Balenciaga is suing the production company for $25 million in the NY supreme court!
The production company isn't to blame, the cameramen weren't to blame, the designers weren't to blame, not the costumers, not the light crew, the child models weren't to blame . . .( but their parents should start parenting classes). Who are to blame--first the people at the top, and not their sub-contractors. Also that ever present, group on the left that has been ripping apart any last shred of decency and history where sex, sexuality, biology, tradition, family, and human relationships are involved. That group is right up there advising your president and his administration about locker rooms, pronouns, athletic events, and court cases involving male/female in America.

And look at the take of CNN. The focus is on the image in the ad of the Supreme Court 2008 case on child porn, not on the disgusting images of the children! I guess because the owners are French they just didn't know what they were looking at? Hello! what about the kids! That might have been a clue. This wasn't "bad judgement" is the culture that is being promoted and pushed every day from the drag queen story hours to the hairy muscular athletes chasing ribbons on the girls' teams.

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