Sunday, December 18, 2022


I used to have a lot of respect for "scientists." They were the real deal. I was an Agriculture librarian for several years, and a Veterinary Medicine Librarian for 14. I loved to walk across the street and see what was going on in the vet hospital. None of the fake squishy stuff we in the "social sciences" researched and wrote about. Between the woke nonsense and the pandemic locked lips, that admiration is mostly gone--unless the doctor graduated before 1985. It's all about D.I.E. now, and they can't say a word about the best candidate NOT being selected, or the ridiculous question on forms so they don't trigger anyone. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Gov, and U. of Biggest have shut them up. The ultimate lockdown. Where else will the grants come from--the grants of which 60% goes to the university and department? And how will you find a trans, black, disabled woman to be on the research team? It was always hard to go against the grain--like if you had a different theory about Alzheimer's, but couldn't get anyone at NIH or NSF to take the risk. But now? Good luck if you're white and male--might as well go into plumbing with Dad rather than waste 8 years and thousands of dollars. It would be like being the best female swimmer in your school, but the college scholarship goes to the male who joined the team at 15 when he discovered he was feeling a little bit female--about the same time he couldn't place on the men's team. That's what a science career is now.

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