Friday, December 23, 2022

Ready for Christmas Eve

My table is all set for Christmas--with reminders of those not here. I'm using Phil's Christmas table cloth, my sister Carol's plate from 1978, some gift dessert dishes from my mother-in-law, a bread plate from The Bruces in AZ, some of my good China serving bowls my mother gave me back in the 1960s, silver plate from my husband's Bruce aunts and uncles (wedding gift 1960), little snow people dressed warmly purchased during a Thanksgiving visit at Rehoboth Beach with my sister, hand painted Christmas plates I bought locally, and with the Christmas tree near by with ornaments from many friends and travels over the years. And of course, we have the snow and drifts from the 2022 "blizzard" to make things snowy and bright.

Update:  Dinner cancelled--one of the guests was ill.  So we ate sandwiches and watched church service on Zoom. Fixed the meal on Christmas day after the 10 a.m. church service, we had dinner about 1:30, and opened our presents.

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