Monday, December 19, 2022

The Border Crisis created and maintained by Democrats

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily paused lifting Title 42 immigration restrictions while the high court considers a Republican-backed request for a longer hold against the plan. What a shame that Congress the entity in charge of protecting the border can't stop the crisis with our decades long laws when we're sending billions to Ukraine to protect its border; when the border "czar" Harris has never been there; when Joe Biden the current resident of the WH has ever seen the problem; when the Democrat media ignores the problem except to blame it on Republicans; when we are all border states now and being invaded by drug cartels (especially Ohio) and sex traffickers; when we've had to suffer from lockdowns and restrictions, yet Democrats have been encouraging thousands to invade who have the infection. But shame has no place in the Democrat party unless it's something that triggers them like the word mother or woman.

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