Monday, December 26, 2022

Year end wrap on the News

I've been listening to the year's end wrap ups of the 2022 news cycle. Makes me wish for the slap heard round the world. All our news media, including Fox, perpetuates the lie of the "right wing." I hear of "progressives and moderates" vs. the "right and far right."

 Tell me O wise ones ankle deep in the swamp, what is right wing about: lower taxes, the Abraham accord, secure borders, building a wall both parties voted for in 2006, little babies allowed to complete their life span, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, requiring our "allies" to pay for what they agreed to, the highest income growth in 50 years for black citizens, low inflation, fair trade, and no new wars?
And what in the name of all you admire and love is progressive about running out on our allies in Afghanistan like you did in Viet Nam, or killing babies in their finals day of womb life, or waving your little flags at George Floyd riots, or promoting raging inflation by opening the flood gates of government money, or imposing more regulations to induce clogged supply lines, or covering up Pelosi's failures with a witch trial like J-6, or destroying the careers of women with the transagenda, or amputating the breasts or genitals of teenagers, or allowing fentanyl to kill thousands, or enslaving women for the sex trade just so you can accuse Republicans of fearing your replacement plans, or forcing millions to consume an untested product long after its been shown not to provide the protection and heath you promised, or the classic right wing, fascist agenda of infiltrating and linking government with business?

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