Thursday, December 15, 2022

Mice can't vomit

The editor of a science journal I subscribe to admitted in his final editorial that he didn't know that mice can't vomit until just recently. Wow! No matter how much the mice want to, or how many papers are on the internet claiming it to be so, or how often the White House Resident issues a statement and invites little mice to a bill signing, mice can't vomit. I didn't know it either, but apparently most scientists know mice don't vomit (being an editor, he doesn't have a biology background). But you and I know some things scientists don't know, or at least have to keep quiet about or lose grants or their bottom surgery position. Here it is. Women are not men, and men cannot become women just because they wear a certain type of underwear, slather on lipstick and mascara, or have their penises turned inside out with surgery. Don't submit to this heresy and hysteria. #TruthMatters. Don't you be forcing those poor little lab mice to puke!

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