Monday, February 26, 2024

Antiques Roadshow, pt. 2, the dishes

Today's Antique Roadshow at our house is the dinner table set with hand painted Blue Ridge China (Mountain Ivy pattern) from the Southern Potteries company (1916-1957) Erwin, TN. I bought these from the Lakeside Archives shop in 2020. The pottery in Erwin which at one time was the biggest in the USA closed almost 70 years ago because of foreign competition after WWII. There are avid collectors and they have a show which this year is October 3-5 which coincides with an apple festival. Dinner was broccoli soup, grilled salmon, green beans with onions, fresh pineapple with red grapes, sour dough toast, and lemon cookies. I have a fairly full set, so I had enough pieces.

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