Friday, February 02, 2024

Race hustler in Boston needs a reality check

That bald race hustler squad member is calling a Walgreen closing in a high crime and vandalism area of Boston, racism. Well, why not. They say that about everything. Didn't AOC chase out a Walmart with jobs in her district claiming something similar? There is a cure for their ignorance. Let them work for a week in such a neighborhood, without their own government paid security, either stocking shelves, unloading trucks, riding the bus to work and walking a few blocks or standing at the pay cubicle, so they can fear for their lives. Let them shop in the neighborhood and be victims of muggings and theft. Let them look at the profit/loss statements and face the investors fleeing to other stocks.
The Democrats might consider dropping their party's push for defunding police and turning criminals back out on the street when they've committed mayhem. Democrats are not tough on crime, but sure can run their mouths while coddling criminals.

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