Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Tucker Putin interview and the aftermath

Seems that no one (except me) thought the Tucker/Putin interview was good. Putin and all our Leftists thought they were softball questions. Sort of like the Obama interviews from ABC or CBS. It was certainly better than Biden in his basement in 2020. Others thought Tucker should have interrupted and asked different questions. Oh sure. People who ask Biden about the flavor of ice cream. Despots talk--why was anyone shocked? The history is irrelevant only if your own historical knowledge began with Obama's reign.

There are more sources for you to check. One I printed out 2 years ago was "Why is Russia Invading Ukraine?" by Leonard Hege in the "Plain News" (for plain people -- Amish, Mennonite) 3-9-2022, 5 pp. His outline was similar too, although not as detailed as Putin's. The Plain people (Anabaptists) have a history with Russian despots who sent their ancestors all over Europe, North America and South America in the 17th-20th centuries. Then I recommend Konstantine Kisin of Triggernometry podcast, a British Jew who was born in the Soviet Union and knows his history. Kisin suggests you stop listening to people who had opinions before they heard it. (he didn't like it, but I thought he confirmed much of what I heard). Since 99% of Americans know nothing of Russian history, I thought letting him talk was OK. We listen to left wing twaddle every time we turn on TV or the internet. It's not like everyone agrees.

Free market capitalism has made the whole world more rich, and U.S.A. has benefitted from that. So has Russia, but is Putin wrong to compare us to the Roman empire, whose decay just happened at a slower pace. There are many hidden warnings in what Putin said, but instead people want to hear Tucker ask different questions. And do you really not believe what Putin says about the CIA and interfering in other countries' politics when you can see, whatever your party, how powerful forces in our own government are trying to destroy one man and thus disenfranchise half the country? Putin is far more aligned, by his own analysis, with the American left than the right.

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