Tuesday, February 06, 2024

St. Mary's Summer School of Faith 2023 with Charles Craigmile

I'm a huge fan of Charles Craigmile's theology classes, and have followed him about 10 years now.  I'm usually a little behind. I just found the 2023 list of classes, but haven't watched them yet.  I wish St. Mary's would put the classes on a podcast, although he also has good visuals.

In 2023, Charles Craigmile presented a series of sessions at St. Mary’s in Lake Forest as part of their Adult Education program1. The sessions covered various topics related to the Catholic faith and were held weekly on Tuesday nights. Here are some of the topics that were covered: 

https://youtu.be/d9qpfZBFUU4?si=Y8GNDtyxN0ThOvAC  2023 Summer School of Faith
The Identity and Mission of the Catholic Church
Grace & the Sacraments and the Spiritual Life
Living a Moral Life and Contemporary Moral Issues (marriage, divorce, contraception, abortion, IVF, homosexuality, etc.)
Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven & Hell

Restoring the sacred in a secular age.  Series for 2019   https://youtu.be/AcS6WXVr6GU?si=jykqmBkfm2WrC7QW

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