Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The gang's all here--retirees' lunch

 On January 5, 2024, the OSU Libraries retirees got together for lunch at the Morgan House.  This restaurant is in Dublin, OH, north of here about 20 minutes, and is named for a Civil War event.  It's a log cabin with additions moved to Glick Rd. from another location. About The Morgan House & John Hunt Morgan Near Columbus Zoo Restaurants | Dublin Ohio (   Lots of back lighting, but that's my white hair in the front.  We don't talk much about libraries anymore.  I think we talked about Medicare and the drug plan changes. And cats, grandchildren and vacations.  Like all older people. From the left, Marty, Marcia, Mary Jo, Graham, Susan, Jerry, David, and me. On Februaty 2 it was my turn to host, so I chose the OSU Golf Course Dining Room.  It's close to my home and the parking is easy.

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