Thursday, February 22, 2024

I''m not a good list maker

I had printed my blog of October 17, 2022 (3 pages), and found it in a stack of papers today. I think it is a list I'd intended to check off. I'm not a good list maker--some of you live by lists. Not me. But #17 was interesting.

"17. Should I buy more food for emergency storage? Joe is talking Armageddon and nuclear war so we've got a crazy leader in Russia and a demented leader in the USA, and I don't even have extra batteries in the house, and I see a lot of pasta in my "emergency tornado" food box. How would we cook pasta if Putin dropped a bomb on NYC or DC? Remember in the 1950s when the basement of our school building was lined with huge bundles of dried (I assume) food stuffs. Must have been for the whole town. And we learned to duck under our school desks. Sure, that will solve the problem our government doesn't know how to fix."

Are you preparing for any more Joe-built disasters?

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