Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tell me how you really feel! The Fire Department

This is an excerpt from an essay about a volunteer fire department with a board out of control, but it's so well written I thought I'd capture it.

"Even our pillars of “higher education” have vanished from the critical thinking circles of rigorous public discourse. They have fallen fast and hard for intersectional identarian ideologies and gross sexual deviancies; so much so that they are now simply mindless delusion factories. Factories whose sole product are the feckless, soulless acolytes of enforced groupthink and Marxism. Graduates devoid of the critical thinking skills that were once hallmarks of these institutions, are now just carbon-copy idealogues with witheringly expensive credentials and huge student loan debt.

Last year’s Harvard plagiarism debacle illustrates this clearly – over 400 years of rigorous scholarship have been thrown into the mud at the feet of the new god of academia: the DEI dynasty – an institution that John Carter’s Substack, Postcards from Barsoom aptly identifies in his essay, Fake Gay and DEIing of AIDs.

This same indifferent disregard and breathless arrogance that has destroyed Harvard appears to be continuing its cancerous boardroom sweep across the country by power-drunk venomous apparatchiks who gleefully issue destructive diktats from on high, seeking to tear down anyone and anything remotely opposing their newfound authority. The days of working out minor quibbles and personality differences are long gone – replaced by angry Maoist HR-scolds swinging administrative battleaxes around in politically fueled blood-rages."

A good read about a community in the Pacific Northwest now without its volunteer fire department.

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