Thursday, February 15, 2024

Rob Reiner plays to type--he's still "Meathead"

Rob Reiner, now 76, played to type in the 1970s, Meathead, a thickheaded liberal who if he didn't jump to conclusions or fall for lies, he would have no exercise at all. Now he's going after "Christian Nationalists." Not sure what he's trying, but is he criticizing Christians who believe in borders? Christians who wave flags and sing the national anthem at parades? Christians who believe all lives are worth living? Christians who believe in honest elections? Christians who don't buy into the anti-Christian climate chaos? Christians who worship Jesus instead of humanist agendas? Are these the Christians who deliver his goods, keep his plumbing working, and build his lavish homes? Are these the Christians who do his gardening and prepare his food and clean his homes? Prepare his taxes, fix his teeth, repair his automobiles, check out his library books, ring up his groceries, laugh at his movies so he can make money? Are these Christians who support Trump and therefore snobs like Reiner can claim they shouldn't be allowed to vote?
Rob Reiner is worth $200 million, not exactly NFL territory, but probably he never lifted a finger to do real work--both his mom and dad were successful Hollywood types. His only talent was picking the right parents. Reiner is a secular Jew criticizing people of another religion. Typical Hollywood hypocrite.

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