Sunday, February 25, 2024

My own Antiques Road Show, pt. 1

Addictions start small. At first, I hardly noticed. One day I flipped on Roku (streaming service) to watch something while riding the exercycle and I came across reruns of PBS Antiques Roadshow, something I rarely watch. Now I watch several hours a day. I think the oldest show I've seen was 1998. I most enjoyed the 2019 Sarasota show at the Ringling mansion because we'd been there with Bob and Jeanne Poisal. I've seen a lot of changes in fashion, hair color of the appraisers (they are volunteers and not paid), and some ridiculous values, but they go up and down. Gen-X and Millennials don't care about Civil War flags or Grandma's pottery. But a Hot Wheels prototype can go for $100,000.
So, for Sunday dinner today I served up a box of watches and miscellaneous I found in my scarf drawer and asked Bob to identify. We think we know where the pocket watches came from but we're scratching our heads about the WWII compass. We're also pondering a set of cuff links with Phil's initials that was in the box. I'm checking with his ex-wife on that one, and the groom for whom he was the best man.

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