Sunday, June 26, 2016

A great loss for our church

This is so sad.  Two of the most talented servants of God and we've lost them both. Years ago when Mike Martin (on the right) was choir director at Lytham, I decided to join the choir. But after 50 years of not being in a choir, my soprano range was gone; I only had 4 notes, and they weren't even in a row, so after a year, I gave the gift of my silence. But spiritually, it was one of the best I've ever had at UALC. What a man of God! 

 And I can still remember the excitement when Eric first preached at Lytham in 2008. Oh the liturgy--praise God. Those at Mill Run where he leads the informal service never really got to have that. We benefitted from his special sermons rooted in his strong faith, based in his theater background and his outstanding scripture reading.  His classes were terrific. At a time when many young pastors think they must wear jeans with holes to relate, he always looked like a model. He and his wife and six children will be moving to Texas.  I'm just so sad.

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