Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Do words matter?

The president says words don't matter, he doesn't have to call terrorists radical jihadist Muslims because those are just words. Like someone who self identifies as a woman when he's a man, but we can be sued for using the wrong pronoun?  The next time you're called a bigot or transphobic for not calling Bruce Jenner by his new name, remind your gatekeeper of personal morality and ethics that the President has assured us that words don't matter and you refuse to be pressured.

I so don't like to say Donald Trump is right. He was never even on my list. However, he's right when he says that terrorism doesn't get Obama fired up, it doesn't create a fire in his belly to protect us. Only denigrating Republicans and Trump gets him worked up (you could see and hear the rage yesterday). And it's not just because we're in a campaign year. I think it's been that way for 8 years long before Trump was on the scene--campaign speeches against the GOP, even when Democrats controlled all the government. Name one cause/movement they haven't won. They've completely turned our society on its head, and still he complains.

Krauthammer: "Nobody straps on a suicide bomb in the name of violent extremism." Words matter, Mr. President. Stop pretending that 7.5 years of semantics don't matter. You can't engage an enemy you can't even name.

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