Monday, June 13, 2016

Politicizing the Orlando tragedy

If President Obama wants to politicize a gun tragedy in Florida, let him go instead to a Democrat city for 50 years, Chicago, his home town where he got his start, to give his speeches. About 75% of the victims are black and black lives matter.

"Chicago has been criticized for comparatively light sentencing guidelines for those found illegally in possession of a firearm. Most people convicted of illegal gun possession receive the minimum sentence, one year, a Chicago analysis found, and serve less than half of the sentence because of time for good behavior and pre-trial confinement. The minimum sentence for felons found in possession of a firearm is 2 years. Those charged with simple gun possession had an average of four prior arrests. Those charged with gun possession by a felon had an average of 10 prior arrests. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unsuccessfully pushed the Illinois General Assembly for tougher sentencing guidelines for gun possession." (Wikipedia.) 

After a 20 year decrease in crime, by about 40% after the 1994 omnibus crime bill, crime is on the upswing again in Chicago.
When it was first revealed yesterday morning that a gay night club had been attacked by a radical, gay-hating Muslim, the left had a terrible conundrum. Two protected classes for Democrats (and he was a registered Democrat and abusive husband, but I think that doesn't mean much). No problem. Just attack Christians as the true perps. Works every time. The left is really that blind.

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