Thursday, June 09, 2016

UN tries to push "sexual rights" on member states

On 8 June, at the ‘High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS’ the Member States of the United Nations adopted the ‘Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: On the Fast-Track to Accelerate the Fight against HIV and to End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030.’ The meeting is one of the most influential gatherings of the international community on the issue of HIV/AIDS and occurs every five years.

“ADF International fully endorses the underlying aim of the Political Declaration adopted this year, namely to end the AIDS epidemic,” said Elyssa Koren, Director of UN Advocacy for ADF International. “Unfortunately, UNAIDS and some Member States took the opportunity to try and advance so-called ‘sexual rights’ and other agendas in direct contravention to the will and sovereignty of the majority of countries. It is unacceptable to pursue controversial ideologies at the expense of the millions who suffer as a result of HIV/AIDS.”

"Although certain [UN] Member States fought tirelessly for the inclusion of a reference to “reproductive rights” tied to “human rights,” this ultimately was rejected. “Reproductive rights are in no way part of the internationally recognized body of human rights,” said Koren.

“Member States were clear on the fact that responsible sexual behaviour affirming the innate dignity of every person has proven most successful in ending AIDS in their respective national contexts. Regrettably, so-called ‘UN-experts’ took the liberty of warning Member States against the inclusion of any language on abstinence or fidelity in the document, incorrectly asserting that  these terms are representative of a ‘failed social experiment.’”


Dan Nieman said...

How can they call abstinence and fidelity a failed experiment. It s was successful until people stopped practicing it? Great post as usual.

Norma said...

Although I'm glad to see African nations holding the line on the lie that abortion is "reproductive rights," I also see they will eventually fail. All the aid will be tied to this, and since aid has practically destroyed their economies, they probably can't get along without it. It's like our churches accepting government assistance for their "good works." 2,000 years ago Christians were able to inculturate the pagan world, but now it's turned around and it's we who accept their culture.