Monday, June 13, 2016

Pamela Geller, Jew, closed down on Facebook

I have heard that Facebook took down Pamela Geller's page. I've tried to look, but it just bumps me out. So I checked Google and found that her "Stop Islamization of America" page had been taken down by FB and her personal page has a 30 day suspension. She is a Jew on the kill list of ISIS and they attacked her speech in Texas, where 2 were killed by a security guard when they attacked. Meanwhile, the father of the killer of Orlando, Saddique Mateen, continues to post! He has visited Congress and the State Department and is an apologist for the Taliban, even ran for president of Afghanistan (while believing in killing gays). He was apparently welcome in D.C.

Why is Facebook supporting this killing in Orlando by shutting down the very people who have been warning us and accurately reporting on their activities?

Why does our President who barely batted an eyelash over the Ft. Hood shootings and the victims had to sue to get benefits, refuse to call this what it is, but someone who does gets closed down by Facebook?

Most victims of radical Islam in the 21st century are Christians through out the world, about a million in the first decade. In the 20th century, probably 70 million Christians were killed by their own governments--all based on Marx--the philosophy Bernie Sanders admires and he is being welcomed by Democrats as a Presidential candidate. Where are the President's tears for the dead Christians? He won't even take Christians in as refugees--accepts only Muslims.

When will our President stand up to our enemies abroad and at home who are infiltrating the highest offices?

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