Friday, June 24, 2016

Ted Strickland meets with Cecile Richards--hide the babies!

Ted Strickland, pro-abortion Democratic nominee for US Senate from Ohio, held a meeting with Cecile Richards at the Ohio Democratic Party headquarters in Columbus yesterday. On average, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, rakes in over half a million dollars in annual income, all while promoting and providing abortion-on-demand over 300,000 times every year. Nearly a year ago, she apologized for the gruesome descriptions found in undercover footage of her top medical director discussing the trade of aborted fetal body parts over wine and salad. Later, she fumbled trying to explain the apology, caught in the PR scandal of a lifetime. (Ohio Right to Life).

Richards, married to an SEIU union organizer, is the daughter of a former governor of Texas (keeps that name) and is worth about $4 million. Her 3 children were allowed to live. Strickland has an M.Div and is a former Methodist minister and former governor of Ohio. Cozy.

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