Friday, June 17, 2016

Duplicity in the highest office

Even the gun shop owner reported Omar Mateen's odd behavior and questions, but because Muslims are a protected group in the "rules of engagement" issued by the WH, the FBI did nothing. Disney also reported him to the FBI in April. (Fox News, various interviews with store owner, and former FBI staffer, but it's also been on ABC and CBS in case you don't trust Fox). Then the president goes to the memorial service and comforts the families and uses their tragedy for his political gain. Sickening. The President confesses the Christian faith (member of UCC) with his mouth, but his heart is with Islam.


Anonymous said...

and whos corner do we find the NRA, The GOP

Norma said...

It's bizarre that those of you on left are blaming the NRA, GOP and Christians for what Islam teaches--kill the infidel and especially gays. Delusional.