Monday, June 27, 2016

Expansion of social problems for personal gain

Professor Ronald Wheeler is gay and teaches legal research (i.e., Law librarian) at Wayne State. His academic title is so long, it would fill a page. He has written about microaggressions which he expanded to include microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations and proposes some solutions to preventing microaggressions from occurring within one's organization. Really. It makes me embarrassed to be an academic librarian (retired).

Like poverty, if this race and gender nonsense were ever to go away, so many people would be out of work (teaching, agitating, getting government grants, inforcing rules, filing hate crime claims, creating special offices that need directors), we'd have homeless academics.

An example of a microinsult according to Wheeler is: If a gay man wearing a wedding band is asked about his wife, and he says he has a husband not a wife, and the new acquaintance says, "Oh," and changes the subject, that's an insult or an aggression. See? You can't win. She didn't scream, or sneer, or quote scripture, she said, "Oh."

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