Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Did Obama ask?

Isn't it illegal to inquire about a potential appointee's or employee's sex life and behavior?  How else would Obama know the practices of his peeps? This is from 2 years ago from his Office of Personnel management (OPM);
 "President Obama has appointed more than 300 openly LGBT professionals to serve in his administration -- more openly LGBT presidential appointees than all previous administrations combined. They include: John Berry, Ambassador to Australia and formerly Director of OPM; Rufus Gifford, Ambassador to Denmark; Fred P. Hochberg, Chairman and President of the Import-Export Bank of the United States; and Kathy Martinez, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy at DOL.

The President has also appointed more than a dozen openly gay Federal judges. They include Elaine Kaplan, a judge of the U.S. Court of Claims and a former Acting Director and General Counsel of OPM."  
And then there was that ambassador to Libya. The one Hillary lied about.


Anonymous said...

How would you even know who is gay, lesbian, or not? And who cares anyway? It's possible he just went by the resume, interview and selected the best person for the job. And you, and Fox News saw to it to dig up their sexual preferences??? You must not get enough kicks at home.

And after spending 8 million dollars, or more, on Benghazi witch hunts, and 8 separate hearings (big waste of money, big waste of time, one hearing for 911), Hillary fixed the problems after the first official hearing.

BTW, Hillary didn't lie, that's just the spin your party chose to put on it. And out of that spin emerged Don the Con.

Norma said...

The quote is from his personnel office, and to my knowledge, was never reported by any news source. That office and the budget office in the executive branch are very proud and loud and out about what they are doing. Either Obama's folks asked for sexual preferences at his direction, or they were recommended by other gays to fulfill his agenda. Who cares? He does. Fox News never reported this, never says a word about sexual orientation--they don't have to. This Administration has done all the heavy lifting on that topic.