Thursday, June 30, 2016

The zombie or the joker?

I won't share the photo, but I saw a poster with Hillary as a zombie (half of her face melting and bloody and a staring eyeball, and The Donald as the Joker. That's pretty close to our choices. Except. She's a long time politician who has accomplished nothing, and he's a non-politician who's done a lot, some stuff better than others. She's running based on her female parts, saying it's our (women) time. But we've learned from this administration, that means nothing. Body parts can be changed with surgery and hormones, or just with a feeling.

The recent loss for Texas women and children in the Supreme Court: "And once again, it was the flip of Anthony Kennedy that managed to produce this decision. In the ledger, unseen, chalk up another accomplishment for Joe Biden: Kennedy’s appointment came as a result of the malicious blocking of Robert Bork to the Court, with Biden as the chairman in charge. Bork died, but Kennedy is the gift that (for Democrats) never stops giving." Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing.

A Supreme Court appointment is always "the gift that never stops giving" and even those you think are strong on the constitution have been known to flip. That is why the upcoming election is so important if you want to keep your country.

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