Friday, June 10, 2016

Should young people have a "life script?"

Although I can't be positive that this was the article being discussed on the radio yesterday as I drove the church mail run, it sounds like it. The three millennials, all from California (one was Huntington Beach) were discussing the errors of a "life script." And it made sense. Women, they said, often are ready for marriage and family by age 25, having finished college and had a taste or distaste of a career. The 20s is still the safest and healthiest time for mother and child for birth. However, men of that age are still being encouraged to be adolescents, going to bars with the guys, doing extreme sports, taking stupid risks, etc. Some times they still live with mama, and so why give all that up for responsibility?
  Mothers who are age 35 and older are at significantly higher risk for, among other maladies, giving birth prematurely, which gives rise to more health problems for the child, and for having babies with Downs Syndrome. Father age is also a crucial risk factor: “By starting families in their thirties, forties and beyond, men could be increasing the chances that their children will develop autism, schizophrenia and other diseases often linked to new [genetic] mutations.”
If you want to be a hero, leader, or celebrity, the number-one way to get there is by having children. You are their world—truly. Almost none of us will be able to say the same professionally.

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