Monday, June 20, 2016

What exactly is Daily Beast saying about President Obama?

I got a notice from The Daily Beast on Facebook that someone had "liked" something I said in 2014, so I clicked over to look. The background photo for The Beast was an artsy-fartsy collage comprised of 1) Gay flag, 2) Occupy mask (Guy Fawkes), 3) marijuana plants, very lush, 4) Communist soldiers of N. Korea, 5) President Obama, 6) a distant galaxy, and 7) can't really tell, but a guy with a stick looking into the night sky? What is the Beast telling us about the state of our country? You too can be rich, criticizing America?

The Daily Beast is a far left, on-line news source, formerly owned by Tina Brown and Newsweek, now owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp in case you don't look at it. It's become mega wealthy criticizing capitalism and rich people.

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