Friday, June 03, 2016

Who is anti-women?

If you look deeply, everything the Left/socialists/Democrats offer/demand is anti-family, anti-fertility and therefore, anti-woman. Whether it is
  •  free contraception,
  • abortion on demand,
  • suing nuns and colleges that won't comply,
  • offering sewage for entertainment which exploits our minds and bodies,
  • same sex marriage,
  • the lie of sex reassignment/third gender,
  • the military draft of women,
  • the siren call of a career during our best years,
  • the importation of brown women to bump up the country's fertility rate (now below replacement) while cleaning our offices and houses,
  • heavy college debt borrowed from the government that demands years of labor from us during our fertile years, or
  • creating both an unnatural, hyper-vigilant child centered society or an anti-child atmosphere when we women can finally focus on our first calling.
The ultimate goal is to destroy the nation by weakening its strongest building block.Women.


Go girls!! said...

Offering a woman less for the same job than a man (the woman was more qualified), the rape culture of many men, Paying women less than men for performing exactly the same job, promoting men to CEO and other advanced positions over women, colleges spending less on women's sports than they spend on men's, paying an award winning women's soccer team less than the men's team (not award winning) even those the women's team brought in far more viewers and endorsements. blaming rape on women, blaming rape on women, blaming rape on women, never promoting women above certain levels in companies, giving fewer and lower business loans to women run businesses than male run businesses. Having fewer female board members on large comapnies boards, never having had a female president even though we've had 45 males, not letting women vote til 1920, glass ceilings everywhere, treating women like they are the cause of rape, having more female slaves than male slaves in this country (current day, not historic). And that's what pops into my head right now. The stuff you named??? Not so much.

Norma said...

I've blogged about a lot of these myths. You can check the search window if you care to become informed. It's a shame about Hillary, isn't it; bragging about being a woman and she's just a good old boy crook.