Thursday, June 02, 2016

Newsweek called it in 2012--the first gay president

"House Republicans asked the departments of Education and Justice to clarify their transgender bathroom directive for public schools, but the Obama administration isn’t answering. Now, a congressman from North Carolina is rebuking the White House for pulling “a political stunt.” . . . "

The guidelines are vague and the President is stonewalling the Republicans, although he’s being very vocal about how he’s protecting yet another victim group, ignoring the 99% of us who know t...hat gender isn’t fluid or a feeling. It’s biology. And the leftists who are usually so adamant about scientific evidence (even when it contradicts them as in global climate changes that go back millions of years), are saying without a shred of evidence that feelings, desires, surgery or hormones can change one’s gender.

The same liberals who decided the right to privacy (which isn't in the Constitution and had to be cobbled together from other decisions) meant the right to kill an unborn child, now are determined to claim that child who makes it through to birth has no rights to the binary gender system which humans have followed since the beginning of time because it might guarantee her some privacy in the locker room.
By the end of his term, the president will be out of the closet, either as a gay man, or a transwoman. His eagerness to transform attitudes and values to make this acceptable goes beyond his desire to change the health system, ruin the military and destroy the fossil fuel sector. If you think that is insulting or mean, then you must be homophobic or transphobic.

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