Sunday, June 12, 2016

Condoms. No one calls it safe sex anymore

Even with 100% condom use, your teen-agers aren't safe. That's one of the lies kids are told. Oral sex--no evidence it reduces chance of an STD; anal sex, no evidence; vaginal sex a condom can reduce HPV about 70%, herpes about the same; chlamydia and gonorrhea consistent and correct condom use reduce the chance to about 50%, HIV reduce about 85%. Who would fly with crash statistics like this? As males get older, they are even less likely to use condoms than male teens. These diseases can cause permanent infertility in women and cancer in both men and women. There's only one true protection, but society says that's too difficult. The same group telling you that biology doesn't matter and can be changed with surgery and hormones or just by saying its true, says it's too painful to control that sexuality in your natural state.

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