Thursday, June 16, 2016

Comments on his 75th birthday, Macolm Muggeridge (1978)

"The three most disastrous inventions of our time have been the birth pill, the camera and nuclear weaponry. The first offers sex in terms of sterility, the second reality in terms of fantasy, and the third security in terms of destruction." 25 propositions on a 75th birthday, Malcolm Muggeridge

"Aleksander I. Solzhenitsyn says there are virtually no Marxists in the Communist countries, which I should suppose to he true. On the other hand, they are multiplying in the ostensibly capitalist countries, notably on campuses and in faculties, and among priests and Jesuits, laicized and actual, and media pundits." And he said this in 1978!  25 propositions on a 75th birthday, Malcolm Muggeridge,

"Two contemporary notions, of progress and of equality, have proved particularly disastrous. The former elevates change into being in itself desirable, which, as Euclid says, is absurd, and the latter is equally fallacious. Human beings are not equal, but they are brothers and sisters, as belonging to one family, and all created in the image of their Creator. All the ruin of Western man lies in th...e change from Brother to Comrade." 25 propositions on a 75th birthday, Malcolm Muggeridge

How true. "Comrade," the watchword of Communism and its German coworker, National Socialism, led to 100 million deaths in the last century in camps, by starvation, in gas chambers and firing squads. Citizens killed by their own governments. How many guns do you think the citizens owned? How many had already been silenced in their churches, schools and clubs?

When the socialist movement gained momentum in the mid-19th century, socialists began to look for egalitarian alternatives (in their languages) to terms like "Mister", "Miss", or "Missus" and so it continues today with the agenda to wipe out any language referring to biological sex including pronouns and terms of polite address, even Ms. will need to be dropped in favor of Mx. Sex confusion, dysphoria or disfunction only affects about .03% of the population, so who do you suppose is behind this "progress and equality" push?


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