Sunday, June 05, 2016

Communications survey results

Our church provided a very nice analysis of a survey today on how each congregation (three campuses, multiple services based on music style) communicates.  The service we attend (traditional with liturgy, hymns, and choir, communion twice a month) is 83% of adults over age 55. 39% is over 75. The age survey starts at age 18, and all services together at UALC  are 56% over 55, with 13% over 75. (If the survey included children, the results would be different.) One feature showed the number at each service that uses smartphones, and I was surprised that our traditional service had so many with smartphones.  Must be that under 65 group. Still, our printed newsletter and church announcements were the winners in communication with e-mail next.  At first I was puzzled by that, but realized almost all the small groups and committees communicate by e-mail.  The traditional service also scored the highest in feeling connected, and had the longest attendance length--68% had attended 20 years or longer.

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