Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Why does Obama want to destroy women's sports?

Women athletes, including lesbians, need to start speaking out against transgender, fluid gender, two spirit nonsense LGBTQ radical agenda. It's not transphobic to point out men naturally have testosterone and the equipment to produce it. A lot of it. Women have a little, but we have a lot of estrogen, and that allows us to have more fat, which allows us to be healthy mothers. We have wider pelvises which allows us to give birth, but makes us run a little lopsided and "throw like a girl."

Testosterone enables men to develop larger skeletal muscles as well as larger hearts. Men also have a larger proportion of Type 2 muscle fibers, which generate power, strength and speed. Testosterone also increases the production of red blood cells, which absorb oxygen, giving men an even greater aerobic advantage. (Livestrong.com) This doesn't change just because some group in wigs and mascara starts yelling about their rights.

In some sports, it might not make a lot of difference, like tiddly winks and gymnastics (we're more flexible), but if you've got an athletically talented daughter, speak up now, write your Congress person and demand justice for girls and women, before this administration destroys women's sports.




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