Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Can it get more strange? Orlando.

This story out of Orlando just gets more convoluted. Now they are investigating Omar Mateen's second wife, who is being charged in 49 murders. The investigators think she helped him.  People who knew him from the Pulse club say he was gay and/or bisexual, and frequented the club where he killed people who he probably knew. Could this be a crime of passion and not religion? And of course, he passed all the back ground checks the gun control lobby wanted, and he was a registered Democrat. His wife (second) was of Palestinian background, but not religious, and his father visited members of Congress and claimed to be a candidate for President of Afghanistan. His co-workers tried to warn personnel, but were afraid of being disciplined because he was "protected" as a Muslim.  Meanwhile, our President gives a major speech chastising us and blaming Americans for this terrible tragedy.  I feel like I've spent the afternoon in a horror show.

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