Thursday, January 22, 2015

About that pay inequity?

Mr. President,

the 60s called Tuesday night. They are upset that you don't know your history, employment law or what JFK did. The law about equal pay for equal work was passed in 1963. Employers are not allowed to discriminate based on gender. If they are not obeying the law, why didn't you do something? If they are not obeying that law, why will another one help? Also, women have earned 9 million more college degrees than men since 1982. They haven't been earning the same kind of degrees nor working the same number of hours, however. Last I checked, a mining engineer earned more than an art museum curator. Also for over 5 years, young, single college educated women have been earning more than young, single college educated men--in some cities like Atlanta and Memphis it's as much as 20%. Black women are so outpacing black men in college degrees, it is alarming. I think they get about 71% of the masters awarded to blacks students. What will you do about those gaps? Demand more laws?

Georgetown University did a study in 2011 of differences in gender and race in selecting a major. The study found that white men are concentrated in the highest-earning majors, including engineering and pharmaceutical sciences, while women gravitate toward the lowest-earning majors like education, art and social work.  The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education noted that educated white women were less likely to work full time than educated black women, accounting for the difference in their pay (educated black women earn more).,8599,2015274,00.html

Employers can't discriminate by law, but I’m sure they can read resumes.  And HR reps can talk among themselves and note absences, difficulties with co-workers, willingness to travel, etc.


Anonymous said...

I know from personal experience a female scientist applying for a job at a Scientific company was offered $15,000 less than a man who eventually took the job. The man was her friend and shared his beginning salary. She had more years of pertinent experience, more education and was equally presentable. You can wrap your words around it anyway you like, but in fact companies do this to women all the time. Oh she has another job, making about $90,000 a year, and she enjoys it very much. So I guess we just blow it off and say, 'God gives you what you need, when you need it'.

Norma said...

I have personal experience too--my own. I didn't ask for enough and only later found out a male colleague asked for more and got it. I was completely covered by the 1963 law and all the OSU protections for equality; not protected from my own behavior and decisions. Women now make more than men in many cities, and black women make more than white women. This is not a story about individuals, or even 1989 Jim, but large groups in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to call me Jim,,,,lol. As a matter of fact she did ask for more, and they told her they couldn't meet that number. If she had it in writing, not just a verbal, she'd have had a case.

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