Sunday, January 04, 2015

Would a new law make a difference?

Most articles about immigration, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Communist, including this one, begin with this as a given, "The United States immigration system is broken." But when you look through the 10 points, you see the current law isn't being followed or enforced, so why would the next one?

An Immigration Checklist: 10 Areas of Reform that Congress Should Demand of the President

  1. Overriding and removing existing executive orders, agency memorandums, or other executive policy directives that ignore or contradict existing law;
  2. Allowing immigration agencies to enforce and apply the law without workplace interference, political pressure, or procedural obstacles;
  3. Providing the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency with a fully operational system of sensor and camera technologies and infrastructure on the southwest border to multiply the efficacy of their efforts;
  4. Using the appropriate judicial and administrative tools efficiently to remove and return unlawful immigrants to their home countries;
  5. Increasing enforcement against businesses that knowingly employ unlawful labor;
  6. Engaging with international partners and remaining committed to citizen security and democratic governance in the Western Hemisphere;
  7. Making U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), more efficient and effective;
  8. Reporting accurate immigration data to Congress and the American people in a truthful, consistent, and complete manner;
  9. Soliciting the assistance and support of the states in enforcing immigration laws and limiting the effectiveness of those governments that attempt to frustrate enforcement with sanctuary policies; and
  10. Verifying the success of these actions through honest and accurate Census survey data of the unlawful immigrant population.

“Under President Obama, immigration laws are unilaterally ignored, waived, or changed. The rule of law suffers and more illegal immigration is encouraged, imposing large financial and security costs on the U.S. Indeed, the U.S. immigration system is broken because of the executive branch’s decision not to execute existing immigration law. The U.S. is a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. There is no need to sacrifice either of these principles in pursuit of the other. “ David Inserra

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