Thursday, January 08, 2015

Obama is campaigning again

The President is on the campaign trail for his legacy talking about the economic recovery. This recession recovery has been the slowest on record, and we're still 2 trillion behind where we should be if it had been a normal recovery (recession was over in June 2009). The middle class has gone without a raise for 7 years. The big boost to the economy in 2014 was increased health care spending, now that's something to cheer, and the wallet fattening lower gasoline prices caused by fracking which all his supporters hate. The fat cats are loving the stock market. The rosy economic picture he is painting could continue if Republicans show some backbone, or other body parts, and the Keystone Pipeline gets passed (he's already announced he's going to veto it after 6 years of study) and they stop all the crazy regulations that are holding business and growth back.

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