Monday, January 12, 2015

I’m a kafir, a gentile, and a Christian

A person who is not a Muslim is a kafir. I'm thinking the equivalent word for not a Christian is an unbeliever (if Christians are speaking), or gentile for those who aren't Jews. All groups probably have such a term for those outside the faith. It's OK  for Muslims to lie to kafirs . To us the rules of a peaceful religion don't apply.

Here’s another word that doesn’t mean what we think.  “World peace” means total submission to Allah, after submitting to Sharia, so they don't consider it lying when they say they are a "religion of peace." (GWB got this very wrong.) The problem is Islam means "submission," and that's not exactly how we see it .

“Freedom and justice” also mean something different (even as with leftists and Marxists). Justice is according to Sharia, and has nothing to do with God's justice, or the laws of justice of our country. And human rights can only be defined by Sharia.

Boko Haram means “Western Education is Forbidden,” but it’s real name is  Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, which means “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad.” Members are known to reference the Islamic verse that states, “Anyone who is not governed by what Allah has revealed is among the transgressors.”  Are we being culturally sensitive when we refuse to believe them?

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