Thursday, January 08, 2015

Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie)

I'm finding this a bit hypocritical coming from Americans. In this country, you can't speak in favor of a discussion on traditional marriage without losing your tenured faculty position at a Catholic university or your bakery business or floral shop, and God forbid if you're a chef who used the n-word two decades ago. And in Canada, you can be put in jail if you are against “full inclusion.” Yes, it's not the same as being murdered, but it's also not freedom of speech and religion.

Also, the murder of those French cartoonists who insulted religious people of all faiths was terrible, and coverage has been from sunrise to sundown, but Africans are dying too at the hands of Muslim terrorists. Much of Nigeria is, or was, Christian, but Muslims and Christians lived peacefully together until a few years ago. Boko Haram is killing and kidnapping, and after a brief flurry of media interest in the summer, we heard nothing.

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