Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Sorting through old recipes

The painters have finished; bookshelves are put back. I'm going through some loose recipes, pitching most, especially if they need cans of concentrated soups to make them taste good or I haven't tried them in 15 years of saving.

Here's a keeper. I made it for Christmas Eve 1996, "Light Baked Potato Soup." It's called light because the original had about 1100 calories a bowl, and this is 385. Best potato soup I ever ate and very hearty. The chef's index is still up on the web, so here it is. http://www.cafecreosote.com/recipe1.php3?rid=269

This is supposed to be similar to Houlihan's potato soup--which I've never tried and don't know if it is still on the menu. But if it is, it's over 1000 calories and you can't have dessert!

Some are just too cute to pitch. Like my daughter's hand printed (maybe 7th grade?) recipe for Chocolate Delight with a French Christmas carol. A recipe typed (manual) on Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy's note stationery given to me by Lynne Wilburn for Chocolate Cake (I'm seeing a theme). A hand written recipe on yellow lined paper for “Pumpkin Pie Squares” with a "to Olive from Meredith" note. "Refrigerator Pickles" recipe dated 9-4-96, probably my mother's on my dad's note paper. A pre-1989 Thanksgiving card from my sister with a Cranberry relish recipe in it. "Bus tour casserole" hand written by me from my mother's collection which I think was from a tour she and my sister took to New England. And a few from my "crunchy" days in the 1970s when my family was forced to eat a FLOTUS type menu.

This wasn’t in the pile, just like seeing Mom’s handwriting.

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