Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our precious freedom of speech and religion

"An idea isn’t a human being. Neither is a sacred cow. And those who confront, dismiss, debunk, sneer at and fear them aren’t necessarily bigots." [David Harsanyi.] Debating marriage isn't homophobia. Examining crime statistics isn't racist. Looking at choices women make about employment isn't sexist. Saving unborn babies by closing unsanitary abortion mills isn't dismantling women's "health care." But the media and the federal and state governments are closing in on free speech, regulating everything we can say and think.

A tenured professor at a Catholic University is not allowed on campus pending firing because he questioned the silencing of a student who wanted to present the case for traditional marriage, i.e., the Catholic teaching. In Ohio a librarian was fired for suggesting in an e-mail discussion group of faculty, a conservative title as a possibility for a reading list. Discussing black crime is not about socio-economic conditions. That doesn’t cause the high murder rate in black communities--that's an insult to all the honest low income, law abiding people. Every abortion mill that is closed is greeted by the death squad as awful and eliminating choice and pro-lifers are villified.

Even 20 years ago, a well known, tenured professor in another state at a top flight school who was helping me with some of my research was forced out of his position because he wouldn't teach 3rd rate feminist drivel in his English classes, which the women's cabal wanted substituted for classic English and American authors. His department denied him grants, teaching assistants and an office since there was no reason to fire him because he defended his right to teach and his students' right to have the best. He eventually found a job in a branch of a university in another state, and has rebuilt his career, but you have no idea the amount of hate and power on the other side. This man prided himself in being a liberal and progressive, a loyal Democrat, but it just wasn't enough for radical feminists. We see the same coming at us in the form of closing small bakeries and florists, and the churches will be next, as they already are in Canada.

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