Friday, January 09, 2015

Freedom of speech in the United States?

The French are planning to have a free speech rally now that the Jihadis are dead (along with hostages and journalists). Wouldn't that be nice to have a free speech rally in the U.S., but probably only the Tea Party would do that, and then the left would call them terrorists.

A quarter of the 26,500 immigrants to Israel in 2014 were from France, where there is a growing violent anti-semitism. Until a crisis like we've seen in the last 2 days, the French government seems helpless. Along with other Europeans who have immigrated they say Europe seems dead, Israel seems alive. No sense trying for the U.S.--we're only welcoming illegals.…/zionist-dream-come-tr…/

In France you can't publish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed for public dissemination. In the U.S. you can't privately publish your beliefs about sex for personal use.

“This is not about religious freedom, this is not about free speech.” said the Mayor of Atlanta.  No, it never is when you object to homosexuality based on religious beliefs.  It’s just old fashioned leftist bigotry.

Yesterday it looked like the Paris police were all over this. Today, not so much. Now 2 hostage situations, and possibly 2 more dead. The NYPD once had the best counter terrorism force in our country--maybe the world. DeBlasio has dismantled it. Why? It could happen here.…/new-york-mayor-de-blasio-i…/

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