Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Glenn Beck’s series on the geo-political threat of Russia

Glenn Beck did part 2 of his Russian series tonight discussing the history of Russia going back a thousand years up to the role of Alexandr Dugin, a Putin adviser, and the alliance with various anti-liberal and liberal groups. For example, disgustingly anti-gay (to suck up to the family values Christians), but also vigorously anti-fracking (because Russia is the source of energy for all of Europe). It's a very confusing hodge podge to reinstate the 5th column the Communists lost in the U.S. But the U.S. is the enemy--it must be destroyed. He sees Putin manipulating the Orthodox church to gain power. During Soviet times, Russians were relocated all over the empire (usually as political punishment) and now is using their residency in those countries as excuses to take back those countries.  For instance, ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, Crimea, Uzbekistan or Belarus.

Does this guy look like Rasputin (crazy faith healer and spiritual adviser to the czarina) on purpose? Putin has found a role for the Orthodox Church, but just keep in mind, monarchs, kings, czars, presidents and Imans know how to use religious people.



Putin had this to say regarding Ukraine/Crimea during his recent state of the union address:

“For Russia, Crimea, ancient Korsun, Chersonesos, Sevastopol have a great civilization and sacred significance – as well as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for those who profess Islam and Judaism. That is how we are going to treat this. Now and forever. ”

Peter the Great said it and Putin/Dugin are saying it now. They see Russia as the “Third Rome”. Ukraine and Crimea are their holy sites. The significance of such traced back to the Apostle Andrew. Vladimir I was baptised there making Kievan Rus’ a Christian state. They’re going to defend and struggle for it as if it were the Vatican or the Temple Mount.

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