Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A prayer to Saint Lucy for healing in the eye

Asking a saint for intercessory prayer isn't any different than asking any other Christian friend, Catholic sources tell me. Our son has a serious eye problem, a stroke in his right eye that may leave him blind. So I'm asking all readers to pray for healing, and Saint Lucy also, the patron saint of the blind and those with sight problems. ("When we pray to the saints we are using the word “pray” meaning “to ask”. This use of the word can be seen in archaic English usage. So in Shakespeare’s plays a character might say, “I pray you good sir, lend me a ducat.” He uses the word “pray” to mean “to ask.” So when we pray to saints we are asking them to pray with us and for us in the same way that we might ask a friend, family member or fellow parishioner to pray for us. Longenecker)  Part 4 of Catechism, Sec. 1, Ch. 2, Art. 3 "Guides for Prayer")


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