Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Charitable giving

We actually have 6 television sets.  And two are not connected to cable, so I see broadcast media whether or not I want to.  Today ABC Good Morning America (kitchen) is featuring companies that donate 1% of profits to charity, and give employees 7 days off to volunteer. Well, fine. That means the consumer is contributing in higher costs because the profits to donate come from us. Plus, most Christians I know are donating 10% or more and they volunteer on their own time. When was the last time ABC or the broadcast media featured tithing Christians or Jews in the corporate world--except when denouncing them for their abortion or contraception policies? (This is not to say the CEO/owners featured were NOT religious--it just wasn't the focus. Apparently virtue and morality appear magically out of nowhere.)


Nancy said...

Exactly why I say "no" at the checkout counter when they ask "would you like to donate $5.00 to blah blah blah charity?" Why let them have credit for MY donation?

Norma said...

Great point.